Newest Poems

Here are my newest funny kid's poems for you to read and rate. I post new poems as I write them, so please check back often. Have fun!

My Knee Is for Me by Kenn Nesbitt
My Knee Is for Me
Bootie Cooties by Kenn Nesbitt
Booty Cooties

Josh, Who Didn’t Like to Wash
I Swept the Dog by Kenn Nesbitt
I Swept the Dog
This Afternoon I Met a Slark by Kenn Nesbitt
This Afternoon I Met a Slark
I Might Have Met a Monster by Kenn Nesbitt
I Might Have Met a Monster
It's Raining Cats and Dogs Today by Kenn Nesbitt
It’s Raining Cats and Dogs Today
Michael's Viking Bicycle by Kenn Nesbitt
Michael’s Viking Bicycle
My Frog Was in an Accident by Kenn Nesbitt
My Frog Was in an Accident
I Took My Canoe to the Ocean by Kenn Nesbitt
I Took My Canoe to the Ocean
I Spotted a Pie on the Sidewalk by Kenn Nesbitt
I Spotted a Pie on the Sidewalk
Mr. Negative by Kenn Nesbitt
Mr. Negative

Most Popular Poems

Right now, these are the most popular poems on the website, as rated by you! These will change as you rate more poems!

I Made a Meme this Morning

Computer Cat

My Dog Likes to Disco

Switch Switch

Our Magic Toilet

Our Teacher Likes Minecraft

My Cat Knows Karate

The Games in My Room

Good Morning, Dear Students

April Fool's Day

I Bought a Maserati


More, More, More Funny Poems...

And here are a whole lot more of my most highly-rated poems. These are ranked by popularity (with the most popular ones at the top), so don't be surprised if they change position when you rate them.

Please Don't Prank Your Parents

When the Teacher Isn't Looking

My Sloth Is Supersonic

My Puppy Punched Me in the Eye

We Bought a Lot of Candy Bars

Lost and Found

Our Dog's Name Is Roomba


My Dog Does My Homework

My Virtual Puppy

Our Holiday Shopping

My Brother Plays Dungeons and Dragons

I Think My Dad Is Dracula

A Festival for Frogs

Pet Shopping

Good Morning, Mrs. Hamster

Tiny Todd the Turtle

The Dog Ate Our Dinner

Homework Stew

I Hypnotized the Teacher

Falling Asleep in Class

Advice from Dracula

Olympic Granny

The Football Game Is on TV

I Can't Wait for Summer

My Kitten Is a Ninja

I Made a New Password

Our Teacher's a Football Fanatic

My Father Can't Find Me

Sleeping Beauty

Today I Got a Valentine

My Flat Cat

A Fishy List

Peter Passed a Note Today

We Ate All the Cheetos

All My Great Excuses

1 H0P3 7H47 Y0U C4N R34D 7H15

Gabby's Baby Beagle

Lunchbox Love Note

It's Friday the 13th Tomorrow

My Brother Punched Me in the Head

I Can't Get Enough of this Pokémon Go

I'm Only Half a Werewolf

My New Remote

I Slipped on a Banana Peel

When Frankenstein Was Just a Kid

Benjamin Blink Drank Invisible Ink

My Koala's Not a Doctor

My Hot Dog Is Soggy

I Tried to Take a Selfie

A Vampire Bit My Neck Last Night

I Think I'd Like to Get a Pet

Chelsea Had Some Chocolate Milk

I Let My Sister Cut My Hair

I Stuck My Finger Up My Nose

I Went to the Movies

I Woke up this Morning

Vacation Cancellation

Pickle with Cheddar

The Man from Planet X


My Creepy Costume

I Broke My Mother's iPhone

Sick Day

Today I Wrote this Poem

If School Were More like Baseball

Don't Rat on a Mouse

Somebody Stole My Butt

Sleeping Santa

My Teacher Took My iPod

Unsteady Teddy

Joe the Emoji

An Ogre Came over for Dinner

Here's a Silly Poem

I Took My Doggy for a Walk

Cooking Class

Zoom Gloom

I Dreamed it Was December

My Brother Ate My Smartphone

My Mother Took Me to the Mall

Things You Don't Need to Know

Running Late

Our Math Teacher's Missing

My Puppy Ate My Earbuds

Incomplete Trick-or-Treat

Basketball's My Favorite Sport

Chocolate for Breakfast

Rapunzel! Rapunzel!

My Christmas Travel Plan

I'm Glad at Last It's Halloween

My Sister Should Be an Explorer

Deep Sea Dance

Online Is Fine

While Lying on the Lawn

My Dog Likes to Dig

Pizza, Pizza, I Love You

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