I Spotted a Pie on the Sidewalk

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I Spotted a Pie on the Sidewalk by Kenn Nesbitt

I spotted a pie on the sidewalk
while walking to school today.
Then, right by the light at the corner,
I noticed a lemon parfait.

While crossing the street at the crosswalk,
I passed by an angel food cake,
then almost tripped over a donut
that sat near a strawberry shake.

I took a good look at some cookies,
some custard, and pineapple tarts,
a candy bar covered in caramel,
and boxes of Valentine hearts.

I saw several servings of sherbet.
I walked past a chocolate souffle,
a couple of coconut cupcakes,
and one or two scoops of sorbet.

The pavement was covered in sundaes
with whipped cream, and cherries, and more.
It’s weird, but I don’t think that I’ve seen
the streets so desserted before.