This Afternoon I Met a Slark

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This Afternoon I Met a Slark by Kenn Nesbitt

This afternoon I met a slark.
It didn’t purr. It didn’t bark.
Instead it slobbered on my toes
then slithered up and slurped my nose.

See, slarks are sort of sloppy slugs
that slobber slime on shoes and rugs.
They like to slink and slip and slide
and slither slowly up your side.

If you dislike the slimy marks
of sliding, slinking, sloppy slarks,
then I sluggest you stay inslide
and if you slee one, run and hide.

Slee, slimy slarks are slort of sly.
One sloaked me in slome slime slupply
and sleft me slobbing in the dark.
It sleems that sloon I’ll be a slark.