I’m Only Half a Werewolf

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I was bitten by a werewolf
with a weak, half-hearted bite,
and became a half a werewolf;
on my left, but not my right.

So now when the moon is halfway full,
my face grows halfway hairy.
And my left-hand claws and single fang
are surely semi-scary.

Now I nearly need to stay up late.
I partly want to prowl.
I’ve been feeling fairly frisky.
I have half a mind to howl.

If you ever see me coming
you should turn and run away,
for the odds are fifty-fifty
you’ll regret it if you stay.

Yes, I may be half a werewolf,
with my fleas and doggy breath,
but I promise, if you meet me,
I will scare you half to death.