Booty Cooties

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Bootie Cooties by Kenn Nesbitt

A friend of mine was stricken
with the cooties yesterday.
But his parents said he had to
go to school anyway.

I accidentally bumped him
with my bottom by his locker.
Now my booty has the cooties.
It’s a booty cootie shocker.

I went to see the nurse and
she examined me with fear.
She had never seen the booty cooties
anywhere near here.

She sent me to the doctor
who was anything but subtle
when he looked at me and said
I might require a rebuttal.

I’m resting up in bed now
with a fever and a cough
and some duct tape wrapped around me
so my booty won’t fall off.

I know I’m getting better
and I’ll probably be fine,
but if booty cootie shots come out
I’ll be the first in line.