A Festival for Frogs

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A Festival for Frogs by Kenn Nesbitt

We’re at the Frog Fiesta.
It’s a festival for frogs,
where the frogs are dancing happily
in cowboy boots and clogs.

They parade in wide sombreros
and in brightly colored shirts,
or they swing and sway in circles
in their broad embroidered skirts.

They are bopping to the melodies
of famous froggy songs,
or they’re croaking to the choruses
of froggy sing-alongs.

It’s a hopping hootenanny
on a lovely summer’s eve.
It’s a dance that’s so fantastic.
It’s a bash you can’t believe.

And it’s on a night like this one,
near a bayou, on a bog,
that I sometimes make a little wish…
I wish to be a frog.