Benjamin Blink Drank Invisible Ink

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Benjamin Blink Drank Invisible Ink by Kenn Nesbitt

Benjamin Blink
drank invisible ink.
It wasn’t a smart thing to do.
He gulped a glass down,
gave a burp, then a frown,
and instantly vanished from view.

His parents went wild
and they cried, “Where’s our child?
We saw him a minute ago.
It’s honestly weird
that our boy disappeared.
Oh, where did our Benjamin go?

“He’s faded away
and we can’t really say
the nature of Benjamin’s plight.”
But Ben hadn’t died
so, he promptly replied,
“I’m here, but I’m clear out of sight.”

He said, “Mom and dad,
I can see this looks bad
but, surely, there must be a way
our family physician
can fix my condition.
Let’s go to the doctor today.

They drove little Ben
to the hospital then,
and explained what had happened, and how.
The nurse shook her head
at poor Ben as she said,
“The doctor can’t see you right now.”

So, Ben is still there
though it may seem unfair
and the nurse might appear to be mean,
but Benjamin Blink
drank invisible ink,
and now has to wait to be seen.