I Broke My Mother’s iPhone

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I broke my mother’s iPhone.
I didn’t mean to do it.
I played a game that made me mad,
and that was why I threw it.

I tried to fix it quickly.
I used a lot of tape
plus glue and gum and rubber bands
to put it back in shape.

I thought I got it working
but, when I turned it on,
the videos refused to play
and all the games were gone.

It couldn’t send an email.
It couldn’t send a text.
The apps were mostly missing
which left me quite perplexed.

There wasn’t much of anything
her phone could do at all.
The only thing that worked was when
she tried to make a call.

I thought she’d need a brand new phone,
which I would have to get her.
But she just smiled and said, “Hey, thanks!
I think I like this better.”