I Think I’d Like to Get a Pet

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I Think I'd Like to Get a Pet by Kenn Nesbitt

I think I’d like to get a pet.
I don’t know which one I should get.
Should it be big? Should it be small?
Should it be short or super tall?

Should it be bald or very hairy?
Should it be cute or sort of scary?
Should it be friendly, mean, or shy?
And should it swim or should it fly?

Should it have feathers, fins, or fur?
Should it prefer to bark or purr?
Should it be one that squeaks or squawks
or maybe one that goes for walks?

Should it be one with stripes, or spots,
or green and purple polka dots?
Should it be brown, or blue, or pink?
I wonder what my mom would think?

I wonder if she’d even let
me go and get myself a pet.
And, so, I hope she doesn’t mind
when I get one of every kind.