Computer Cat

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Computer Cat by Kenn Nesbitt

Some cats like growling,
and some like to purr,
and others like napping
or licking their fur.
But my cat is different
and she would prefer
to use the computer all day.

She’s somewhat surprising,
not like other cats.
She blogs about dogs
and she reads about rats.
She loves online shopping
and video chats,
and searching for games she can play.

As long as the Internet’s
working just fine,
my cat’s on my laptop
and surfing online.
She likes it so much that
this kitty of mine
will never go out of the house.

She learned how to code
to control the machine
by clicking the keyboard
and swiping the screen.
But, why does she do it?
From what I have seen,
it’s mostly to play with the mouse.