The Dog Ate Our Dinner

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The Dog Ate Our Dinner by Kenn Nesbitt

The table was set for Thanksgiving this year.
Our aunts and our uncles and cousins were here.
Our parents had put out our holiday feast,
and that’s when our doggy turned into a beast.

He jumped on the table and wolfed down the hams.
He polished off all the potatoes and yams.
He gobbled the turkey, the gravy, and greens,
then swallowed the stuffing and all the green beans.

He crammed down the cranberry sauce and the rolls,
and licked every morsel of food from the bowls.
And, when we at last got ahold of our dog,
his lips were still dripping with pie and eggnog.

It’s sort of a shame, but it’s totally clear
we’re going to have to be careful next year
if we want some pie or potatoes or meat,
since this year we only have dog food to eat.