Here’s a Silly Poem

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Here's a Silly Poem by Kenn Nesbitt

Here’s a silly poem.
It has lots of silly things.
It has a silly dragon
with a pair of silly wings.
And on the silly dragon
sits a silly little man,
who has no hat, but always wears
a silly frying pan.
And in his silly frying pan
there sits a silly duck
who drives around in circles
in a silly little truck.
And on the silly truck
there is a silly-looking horn
that, every time you squeeze it,
shoots out silly ears of corn.
The fire-breathing dragon
makes the corn begin to pop.
The man can’t catch it all, which means
a lot of it will drop.
So if you ever see it
raining popcorn from the sky,
look up and you might see
a silly dragon flying by.