Incomplete Trick-or-Treat

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Incomplete Trick-or-Treat by Kenn Nesbitt
I dressed up like a zombie.
My clothes were tattered rags.
My face was scarred and oozing blood.
I had my candy bags.

Tonight would be the greatest night.
I’d get so many sweets.
Some candy corn, some chocolate bars,
and tons of other treats.

I had a plan this Halloween.
I’d even set a goal
to bring home sweets enough
to overflow our largest bowl.

The time had come for trick-or-treat
and I was set to go.
But first I checked my mobile phone…

…The next thing that I know…

my parents turned the lights off.
They said, “It’s time for bed.”
My eyes went wide with panic.
My mind was filled with dread.

I said, “I can’t believe it!
I didn’t trick-or-treat!
I don’t have any candy.
No delicious things to eat!”

I realized what happened, and
I mumbled, with a blush,
“I spent the whole of Halloween night
playing Candy Crush.”