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Poems by Email

Do you like the poems you’ve read on this website? Would like to get funny poems by email each week? has three lists that you can subscribe to and get children’s poems in your email. Sign up for any or all of them get poems in your inbox each week on your computer or mobile device. All lists are completely free, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

List #1 – Poems from My Books

The first list will send you a different funny poem from one of my books each week in your email inbox. To sign up for this list, type your email address into the box on the right and click the Subscribe button. Once a week you will receive a different poem in your email.

List #2 – PoetryMinute

My website,, has 180 poems—one for each day of the school year—by dozens of different well-known children’s authors. Fill out the form below to receive a daily poem from poetryminute in your email.

List #3 – GiggleVerse

And, finally, on my website I post a new funny poem from authors around the world every weekday. Click here to subscribe to The Funniest Kids’ Poems in the Universe!