Pickle with Cheddar

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Pickle with Cheddar by Kenn Nesbitt

There’s nothing I like more
than pickle with cheddar.
You really should try it.
There’s nothing that’s better.

The pickle is salty.
The cheddar is creamy.
The combo, together, is
utterly dreamy.

The cheddar is silky.
The pickle is crunchy.
The taste is delicious.
It’s yummy and munchy.

I eat it for breakfast.
I eat it for lunch.
I eat it for dinner,
dessert, snack, and brunch.

I savor the flavor;
it cannot be beat.
But pickle with cheddar’s
not all that I eat.

since I’m just a bit fickle,
I’ll try something different,
like cheddar with pickle.

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