We Ate All the Cheetos

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We Ate All the Cheetos

We ate all the Cheetos
and all the Doritos
and all of the chocolates and cheese.
We still have some greens
and a can of sardines
and some pickles and parsnips and peas.

We swallowed the sweets,
all the puddings and treats,
and we finished the ice cream and jam.
What’s left is a trout
and a jarful of kraut
and what looks like a turnip or yam.

We drank all the shakes
and we ate all the cakes
and the pies and the fries and the custard.
And yet there’s a lime
and a few sprigs of thyme
and a half-empty bottle of mustard.

It seems we were hasty
in eating the tastiest
snacks we had purchased before.
Now all that’s on hand
is the food we can’t stand.
We might have to go to the store.