Unsteady Teddy

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Unsteady Teddy by Kenn Nesbitt

I have a little teddy bear
I like to hug and hold.
But, yesterday, I told my mom,
“I think he has a cold.”

I said, “I heard him sniffle,
and he seems to have a chill.
His forehead feels a little hot.
I swear my bear is ill.

“Let’s take him to the doctor
who can diagnose diseases,
and cure him of his sniffles
and his shivers and his sneezes.”

My mother said, “Don’t worry dear.
You might not be aware,
but sniffles aren’t uncommon
in your average teddy bear.”

She said, “His nose is runny
and his eyes are red and puffy.
But I don’t think he has a cold.
He’s just a little stuffy.”