poetic device: List Poems

A “list poem” is a poem that incorporates some kind of list, often in the middle of the poem. It can be a list of objects, actions, ideas, or even words or people. If you’d like to learn to write your own list poems, check out this lesson.

All of these poems are list poems to some degree. Many of them are pure list poems, while others have a small list somewhere in the poem.

The Birds Are Chirping Happily by Kenn Nesbitt
The Birds Are Chirping Happily
Today I Wore a Costume
Swinging from the Lights by Kenn Nesbitt
Swinging from the Lights
The Principal Is Missing
Horror Movie Marathon by Kenn Nesbitt
Horror Movie Marathon
Mrs. Mandy's Candy Shop by Kenn Nesbitt
Mrs. Mandy’s Candy Shop
Bob’s Job
The Life of a Pirate Ain’t Easy
Saturday's My Lazy Day by Kenn Nesbitt
Saturday’s My Lazy Day
Opposite Day
Dear Santa, Did You Get My Tweet?
Things You Don’t Need to Know
Sunday’s Somewhat Melancholy
How to Eat a Chocolate Bunny
Random Recipe by Kenn Nesbitt
Random Recipe
I Played a Game
My Sister Should Be an Explorer
My Mother Drives Me Everywhere
Not-So Fast Food
I’m Staying Home From School Today
I Went to a Wishing Well
Xbox, Xbox
Today I Decided to Make Up a Word
I’d Like to Meet an Alien