Opposite Day

A Funny Opposites Poem for Kids

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From the book My Cat Knows Karate

It’s Opposite Day!
It’s Opposite Day!
The day to do things
in the opposite way.

I wear my pants backward.
My shirt’s inside out.
I scream to talk softly.
I whisper to shout.

I write with my foot and
I kick with my hand.
I stare with my eyes closed.
I sit down to stand.

I drink from a plate and
I eat from a cup.
I climb into bed when
it’s time to wake up.

I frown when I’m happy.
I smile when I’m sad.
I say, “I like liver,
but ice cream is bad.”

I claim that it’s dark
when it’s sunny and bright.
If something is black,
I insist that it’s white.

I stand still for dancing.
When running, I crawl.
So please understand:
I don’t like you at all.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

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Reading Level: Grade 1

Topics: Holiday Poems, Imaginary Poems, Other Holidays

Poetic Techniques: List Poems


About This Poem

When my kids were little, they would randomly declare that it was Opposite Day, and then do silly things like wear each other’s clothes (which is especially funny since I have a boy and a girl!), walk backward, and claim that candy is health food.

I’ve always liked poems where things are reversed, so I thought I’d write a poem about Opposite Day to give you some ideas for celebrating it yourself.

From the Book My Cat Knows Karate

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