With Christmas Coming Soon

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With Christmas Coming Soon by Kenn Nesbitt

With Christmas coming soon, I fear
I wasn’t very good this year.
I didn’t keep my bedroom clean.
I broke my brother’s tambourine.
I stuck my sister with a pin.
I never turned my homework in.
At school, I scribbled on the walls
and rode my skateboard in the halls.

I yelled and ran around our house.
I scared my mother with a mouse.
I whined when she said, “Take a bath.”
I didn’t memorize my math.
I never listened to my dad.
I guess that I’ve been pretty bad.
And so my parents both insist
that I’m on Santa’s “Naughty List.”

There’s not much time, but I believe
I might be able, Christmas Eve,
to maybe muster up the power
to not be bad for half an hour.
Do you suppose that’s long enough
to make up for the naughty stuff?
If not, I’ll have another goal…
to find a way to sell some coal.