My Absolutely True Life Story

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My Absolutely True Life Story by Kenn Nesbitt

When I was a baby,
I liked to have fun
by racing with cheetahs.
They cried when I won.
I’m pretty creative
so, when I was two,
I also invented
the color called “blue.”

I once jumped so high
I got stuck on the moon.
I moved a whole mountain
with only a spoon.
I helped Santa manage
his reindeer and elves.
I read every book on
the library’s shelves.

I drank all the oceans
one day at high tide,
devoured a pizza
a thousand miles wide,
then learned how to speak
in the language of bees,
and thought up a way
to make cars out of cheese.

Then after composing
the world’s most famous song,
I made up THIS poem,
a million lines long.
This story’s a hundred
and ten percent true.
There’s no doubt about it.
Would I lie to you?