Bob’s Job

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A Funny Soda Poem for Kids

My name is Bob. I have a job.
My job is crushing cans,
like Coca Cola, 7Up,
and lots of other brands.

I flatten cans from Mr. Pibb,
and Dr. Pepper too,
Sierra Mist, and RC Cola,
Sprite, and Mountain Dew.

I whack them with a hammer or
I beat them with a bat,
to pound the Pepsi, squash the Squirt,
and press the Fresca flat.

I mash the cans from Fanta
and from A&W.
It may look like I’m happy,
but that, sadly, isn’t true.

My work is pretty boring
which, at times, I find distressing.
But that’s what always happens
when your job is soda pressing.