On New Year’s Day

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On New Year's Day by Kenn Nesbitt

On New Year’s Day a year ago,
I kicked a rock and broke my toe.
Then February came around;
I slipped on ice and smacked the ground.

In March I tripped and skinned my knee.
In April, met an angry bee.
In May a baseball hit my hip.
In June I bit my lower lip.

I banged my elbow in July.
When August came, I poked my eye.
September, I fell out of bed.
October’s when I hurt my head.

November, had a nasty fall.
December, crashed into a wall.
So, you can truly not believe
how glad I am it’s New Year’s Eve.

Though, this year, I was so annoyed,
at least I know what to avoid
beginning January first.
Goodbye, last year. You were the worst.