The Birds Are Chirping Happily

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The Birds Are Chirping Happily by Kenn Nesbitt

The birds are chirping happily.
The lizards love their song.
The worms are winding lazily
and slithering along.

The fish are blowing bubbles
while the crickets chirp and hop.
The mice are running ’round and ’round
and never seem to stop.

The turtles slowly stretch and yawn.
The ferrets jump and slide.
The guinea pigs are burrowing.
The snake slips side-to-side.

The bunnies bounce around their cage.
The ducklings dive and flap.
The hamsters and the hedgehogs
are relaxing with a nap.

Our teacher keeps so many pets.
It’s what she likes to do,
because, before she worked at school,
she used to run the zoo.