poetic device: Narrative Poems

Narrative poems are poems that tell a story. It doesn’t have to be a long or complex story. It can even be a short narrative poem that describes something that happened.

Narrative poems are one of the main poetic styles. Others include lyric poems, which describe the narrator’s emotions or feelings, and descriptive poems, which give a detailed description of a person, an object, or an event.

Each of these poems tell a story. Some are short and some are long, while most are somewhere in the middle, but all of them are fun.

The Book of Glue by Kenn Nesbitt
The Book of Glue
Frank the Friendly Alien
The Biggest Burp Ever
I’ve Been Surfing Lots of Websites
Christmas Shopping
Revenge of the Lunch Ladies
The Story of Laurie
My Goldfish Took Up Tennis by Kenn Nesbitt
My Goldfish Took up Tennis
My Excuse by Kenn Nesbitt
My Excuse
Teacher, Teacher, How’s My Singing
Maine Event
My Project for the Science Fair
For My Brother On His Birthday by Kenn Nesbitt
For My Brother, On His Birthday
How to Make People Like You by Kenn Nesbitt
How to Make People Like You
Oh My Darling, Valentine
I Raised My Hand in Class by Kenn Nesbitt
I Raised My Hand in Class
The Llama and the Aardvark
My Puppy Plays Piano
Thanksgiving Dinner by Kenn Nesbitt
Thanksgiving Dinner
I Built Myself a Time Machine
That Explains It!
This Winter I Went Sledding
My Brother's Insistent by Kenn Nesbitt
My Brother’s Insistent
On Dinosaur Island