Presently Surprised

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Presently Surprised by Kenn Nesbitt

Today is my birthday.
What gifts will I get?
I asked for some presents.
I don’t see them yet.

My parents and brother
and sister are here.
But where are the presents?
When will they appear?

The party is starting.
My friends are here now.
Did they all forget to
bring presents somehow?

I blow out the candles.
We all have some cake.
I still see no presents.
Is there some mistake?

We play a few games and
we have so much fun.
The presents I asked for?
I still don’t see one.

I went to my mom and said,
“Everyone’s here,
but where are the presents
I asked for this year?”

My mom said, “You don’t need
to look very far.
You asked for our presence
and so, here we are!”

Today was such fun that
I smiled and agreed.
It turns out their presence
is all that I need.