Wishing for Fish

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Wishing for Fish by Kenn Nesbitt

Today I went fishing.
I wished for a fish.
I fished all day long but
did not get my wish.

I cast out my rod
with a hook on a line.
It gave a small tug.
I knew that was a sign.

I reeled it back in but,
the fish? There weren’t any.
Instead, on the fishhook,
I spotted a penny.

The next time, the line gave
a shake, like a tickle.
I pulled it back out and
discovered a nickel.

I caught a few dimes and
some quarters until
I reeled in my hook with
a ten dollar bill!

I spent all day fishing
and though it sounds funny
I didn’t catch one single fish,
only money.

My wish might have fizzled
but I’m not upset.
When fishing in wishing wells
that’s what you get.