poetic device: Assonance

Assonance is when nearby words share the same vowel sounds, especially on their stressed (or accented) syllables, such as “tiny dinosaur” (which share a long “i” sound) or “random hat” (which share a short “a” sound).

These poems all include at least one instance of assonance. See if you can the assonant words in these poems.

Cara’s Parrot
Arthur the Artist
Has Anyone Seen My Chameleon?
Gobble, Gobble Went the Turkey
Shelley Sellers by Kenn Nesbitt
Shelley Sellers
Gordon’s Garden
What I Told Mrs. Morris when She Asked How I Was Feeling Today by Kenn Nesbitt
What I Told Mrs. Morris When She Asked How I Was Feeling Today
An Awesome Opposum
Today Is the Day by Kenn Nesbitt
Today Is the Day
I Have an Amoeba
Auntie Gravity
How Not to Make a Cardboard Fort
Jake the Yo-Yo Maker
Floyd the Coin Collector
Belinda’s an Expert at Bathing
Boney Mahoney
The Monsters' Musical Contest by Kenn Nesbitt
The Monsters’ Musical Contest
Nile and Nate
Katy Ate a Crate of Dates
Ebb and Flo by Kenn Nesbitt
Eb and Flo
Buckaroo Huck