My Brother’s a Genius

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My brother’s a genius;
as smart as they come.
Without his computer, though,
boy, is he dumb.
His screws all get looser.
His lights become dim.
His mind starts unwinding.
His senses grow slim.

His IQ starts dropping.
His smarts start to sink.
It seems to be strenuous
even to think.
His wisdom and wits take
a little vacation.
His head is still there
but his brain leaves the station.

He can’t answer questions
or speak off the cuff.
His noggin gets clogged up
with feathers and fluff.
He’s dense as a doorknob.
He’s thick as a brick.
It’s plain that his brain
can’t compete with a stick.

When using computers,
he’s bright as the sun.
Without them, he’s dumb
as a hamburger bun.
He’s slow as a dodo,
obtuse as a trout.
I sure hope our Internet
never goes out.