When Otto Got a Hot Dog

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When Otto got a hot dog
he stared at it a while,
then dripped a drop of mustard on
and smiled a little smile.

He covered it with relish
which really made him grin,
then spread it thick with mayonnaise
and shoveled onions in.

He splashed it with some ketchup,
as much as he could squeeze,
and tossed on chopped tomatoes
and some shredded cheddar cheese.

He smothered it with sauerkraut,
and bacon bits and beans,
He even added twenty two
Norwegian canned sardines.

He piled it high with pickles
and peppers by the pound.
He topped it off with chili
then he looked at it and frowned.

He shed a single tiny tear
and gave a little pout,
for Otto hated mustard
so he had to throw it out.