Our Family Picnic

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My family went out on a picnic.
We lugged all our stuff to the park.
As soon as we’d spread out our blanket
it promptly got rainy and dark.

And while we were watching our napkins
and plates blow away in the breeze,
we all got attacked by mosquitoes
and plagued and tormented by bees.

Our sodas were slurped up by insects.
Our burgers were eaten by ants
which, once they were done with our lunches,
decided to crawl up our pants.

We couldn’t hold out any longer.
We ran screaming madly away
and left all our stuff to the insects
and rain that had ruined our day.

So next time we’ll go to the movies,
or maybe just go to the mall.
That last time we went on a picnic
was really no picnic at all.