poem length: Super Long

These are my longest poems that take more than 2 1/2 minutes to read.

Nathaniel Naste
Bradley Bentley Baxter Bloome
Wendy Wise
Christmas Memories
A Christmas Dream by Kenn Nesbitt
A Christmas Dream
Crazy Over Vegetables by Kenn Nesbitt and Eric Herman
Crazy Over Vegetables
On Dinosaur Island
Rosy the Dozer
The Winter Olympics are Practically Here
The Tiger and the Zebra
The Weasel and the Whale
Sam Who Only Ate Jam by Kenn Nesbitt
Sam, Who Only Ate Jam
The Night Santa Claus Came by Kenn Nesbitt
The Night Santa Claus Came
Robots in the Classroom by Kenn Nesbitt
Robots in the School