Robots in the School

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There were robots by the hundreds
that had taken over school.
They arrived here from the future
when they needed to refuel.

They invaded every classroom
and went clanking through in the halls.
If you looked inside the bathrooms
you’d see robots in the stalls.

They surrounded all the teachers
and propelled them out the door.
Then they headed for the offices
in search of even more.

They ejected the custodian
and Principal as well,
plus the secretary, nurse
and all the other personnel.

They intruded in the lunchroom
and evicted all the cooks.
They expelled our good librarian
and commandeered her books.

Then they came across a small surprise
in section eight-one-one;
just a book of silly poetry
that looked like lots of fun.

When they opened it and read
about a zebra and giraffe,
their connections started sparking
as they all began to laugh.

Next they read a funny poem
where the teacher fell asleep.
All their heads began to rattle
as they bellowed long and deep.

When they read about the lunchroom
and the stuff in Lost and Found
they began shake and wobble,
and they crumpled to the ground.

Then they read a final poem
and their circuits overloaded.
They guffawed so uncontrollably
that all their heads exploded.

Now the school is back to normal.
All the teachers have returned,
and we’re happy for the all-important
lesson that we learned.

There is nothing quite so powerful
or mighty as the pen,
and we’re memorizing poetry
in case they come again.