A Christmas Dream

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A Christmas Dream by Kenn Nesbitt

I dreamed I was riding a reindeer
that guided a sleigh through the skies.
I couldn’t contain my excitement,
or stifle my shock and surprise.

The reindeer was one out of many;
the one that was leading the team.
I whooped and grabbed on to his antlers.
Oh, man, I was loving this dream!

I turned and looked over my shoulder,
to see Santa sitting in back
with thousands and thousands of presents
that filled a magnificent sack.

He winked and said, “Welcome, young flier!
I’m glad that you made it alright.
With so many houses to visit,
I need your assistance tonight.

“I hope you can handle my reindeer
by staying up front there to steer.
We’re sure to see hailstorms and blizzards.
I’ll need you to handle the deer.”

I promised right then I would help him
deliver his presents that night.
He gave out a call to his reindeer
and that’s when they really took flight!

We speeded from city to suburb.
We visited village and town.
And, each time we spotted a rooftop,
the reindeer would lightly touch down.

Then Santa would slip down the chimney
delivering presents and toys
while I fed the deer a few carrots
that came from the kind girls and boys.

We stopped off at every last address
from New York to London to Rome.
Then, just as the sun started rising,
I found myself back at my home.

I woke up in bed a while later.
I ran to look under the tree
and spotted a note card from Santa;
a handwritten note meant for me.

It read, “To my friend, the young flier,
your help came in handy last night.
I couldn’t have done it without you.
I hope your day’s merry and bright!”

So, that’s how I know Santa’s real.
Yes, that’s why I’ll always believe.
And that’s why I go to bed early…
to have that dream each Christmas Eve.