Crazy Over Vegetables

A Song About Insanely Good Vegetables

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Crazy Over Vegetables by Kenn Nesbitt and Eric Herman

Once I ate a carrot
and I thought that it was good.
Then I ate a green bean
’cause my mother said I should.

The green bean was delicious,
what a yummy thing to eat.
It made me feel adventurous
and so I tried a beet.

The beet was simply wonderful.
My taste buds were aglow.
I think I’m going crazy
and I thought you ought to know.

I’m going crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.
It’s how I want to be, yeah.
I’m crazy over vegetables
and that’s alright with me.

I nibbled on some broccoli.
Amazing! What a taste!
And now the parsley on my plate
will never go to waste.

I ate some squash and pumpkin too,
as much as I could hoard.
It got me so excited
I went right out of my gourd.

I’m going crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.
But, oh, what can I say?
I’m crazy over vegetables.
I eat them every day.

Well, you can lock me up in a padded room
and throw away the key.
Before you go, please toss in
a stalk of celery.

I tasted some asparagus.
What scrumptious little spears!
I was eating corn until
it came out my ears.

And now I’m eating artichokes,
radishes and peas.
I’ve gone completely loony
over vegetables like these.

I’m going crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.
It’s crazy but it’s true.
I’m crazy over vegetables.
I love them, yes I do.

I’m going crazy. Crazy, crazy, crazy.
It’s how I want to be, yeah.
I hope that someday everyone
is crazy just like me.

 — Kenn Nesbitt and Eric Herman

Copyright © 2006. All Rights Reserved.

Reading Level: Grade 2

Topics: Food Poems

Poetic Techniques: Hyperbole, Idioms, Imagery, Lyric & Dramatic Poems, Pun Poems, Repetition


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About This Poem

March is Nutrition Month, celebrated every year, and is sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Nutrition Month focuses on helping people to make correct food choices as well as developing good eating and exercising habits.

Because it’s Nutrition Month, I decided March would be a good time to share this poem/song I wrote with children’s musician Eric Herman a few years ago about healthy eating.

If you like reading it, you’ll enjoy watching the video even more! And if you like the video, be sure to check out Eric’s YouTube Channel where you find lots of his terrific songs for kids, including many that I wrote the lyrics for, such as The Tale of the Sun and the Moon, Bluebeard, Blackbeard, and Redbeard, and The Tiger and the Zebra.

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