poetic device: Descriptive Poems

A descriptive poem is one that mainly describes the subject — whether it be a person, an animal, or an inanimate object — often in great detail, rather than telling a story or expressing one’s feelings.

These poems are all examples of descriptive poetry.

Arthur the Artist
Toby the Snowboarding Doberman
The Gorgon Sisters
Brand New Ball
The Otter, I’m Told
The Dragons of Monster Town
My Tutor’s a Flutist
The Tall Tale of Shorty Small
My Brother Wants to Be a Chef
Back-to-School Shopping
The Man From Planet X
My Mother Makes Prickly Pear Pastries
Pete the Pirate Wannabe by Kenn Nesbitt
Pete the Pirate Wannabe
Jake the Yo-Yo Maker
Floyd the Coin Collector
Belinda’s an Expert at Bathing
If You Ever Meet an Elephant
Boney Mahoney
Veronica Ving
The Werewolf’s Undergarment Store
Izzy O’Rainty
Finnegan Flanagan Fox
If You Happen to Hop
Anna Graham bkn
Anna Graham