Topic: Seasons

Spring Is Here!

Spring is here!
At last it’s here!
I’m so glad
I gave a cheer!

I’m so pleased
I had to say,
“Wow! Yippee!
Hip-hip hooray!”

I’m so thrilled
I did a dance.
Then I went
and wet my plants.

The Weather Is Perfect for Running


The weather is perfect for running.
I think that I’ll go for a jog.
Except I’m a little bit tired,
so maybe I’ll just walk the dog.

But he seems too hyper for walking.
He looks kind of hard to control.
So maybe I’ll leave him at home,
and go for a leisurely stroll.

But all of my socks are too dirty,
and all of my shoes are untied.
So maybe I’ll sit on the front porch.
Or maybe I’ll just stay inside.

I see that my kitten is purring,
and wants to curl up on my lap.
It wouldn’t be right to prevent her
from getting her afternoon nap.

It’s comfortable here on the sofa.
My pillows are cozy and deep.
The weather is perfect for running.
So that’s why I’m going to sleep.

This Winter I Went Sledding

This winter I went sledding.
I crashed into a tree.
I ran into another one
while learning how to ski.

I slipped upon the sidewalk;
I didn’t see the ice.
A snowball hit me in the face.
(My sister’s not too nice.)

My snowman toppled over.
It landed on my head.
My tongue got frozen to a pole.
I pulled it off. It bled.

I froze my toes and fingers.
They hurt so much I cried.
So, yes, the snow is pretty,
but I think I’ll stay inside.

Dear Santa, Did You Get My Tweet?

Dear Santa, did you get my tweet
of presents I would think are sweet?
And what about my Facebook post
of toys and stuff I want the most?

Dear Santa, did you read my blog?
That’s where I keep a running log
of all the times that I’ve been good
and doing things I know I should.

I hope you saw my Instagram,
my email wasn’t flagged as spam,
you’ve seen my YouTube channel too
and all my texts have made it through.

Wait, does the North Pole even get
computers and the Internet?
I hope it does. I mean, it better,
or I might have to write a letter.

Santa Brought a Bar of Soap

Santa brought a bar of soap.
I asked him for a phone, but nope.
I didn’t get that brand new phone.
Just soap, and fancy French cologne.
He also brought some new shampoo,
some shower gel, and toothpaste too,
a scented candle for my room,
a dozen bottles of perfume,
deodorant and body spray…
I wonder what he’s trying to say?

Coal in My Stocking


Coal in the stocking
that’s hung up for me.
Coal in my packages
under the tree.

Coal for my sister
and coal for my brother.
Coal for the baby,
and father and mother.

Santa, it seems, traveled
down from The Pole,
bringing us nothing
but presents of coal.

No one’s been naughty.
We haven’t been whiners.
Santa’s new elves just
all used to be miners.

Autumn Is the Time of Year


Autumn is the time of year
when changes start to happen here.
The days grow short. It’s cold outside.
The birds fly south. The squirrels hide.
The leaves fall off of all the trees.
The garden pond begins to freeze.
Another summer’s left behind.
It’s winter soon, but I don’t mind.
For autumn is the time when I
begin to dream of pumpkin pie.

November Is upon Us

November is upon us.
Thanksgiving’s nearly here.
I’ve never been more thankful than
the way I feel this year.

I’m thankful we have apple pie.
I’m thankful we have beans.
I’m thankful we have mashed potatoes,
yams, and salad greens.

But, most of all, I’m thankful that
my future isn’t murky.
My family’s vegetarian
and I am their pet turkey.

Dear Summer

Dear Summer, you’re always my favorite.
I really do like you a lot.
You come every year,
and I’m glad when you’re here.
I don’t even mind that you’re hot.

Dear Summer, whenever you visit,
I love to go outside to play.
I get to wear shorts
and play summertime sports,
or sometimes do nothing all day.

I put on my goggles and swim suit,
and head for the beach or the park.
I go for a hike
or I ride on my bike,
and stay awake long after dark.

Dear Summer, I’m glad you could join us.
without you, it won’t be the same.
I promise I know
that you do have to go,
but, still, it seems sort of a shame.

I’m sure that I’m going to miss you.
The school year is finally here.
I had so much fun
playing out in the sun.
I guess that I’ll see you next year.

The Winter Olympics are Practically Here


The winter Olympics are practically here.
They say that the sports will be different this year.
Instead of the athletes who always compete,
They plan to have animals! Won’t that be neat?

They plan, for example, in cross country skiing
This year to have not even one human being.
Instead they’ll let polar bears out of the zoos
And fit them with custom-made cross country shoes.

With helmets and skis they’ll head out in the cold
To race one another and go for the gold.
On ski jump this winter I hear that they’ll use
a family of jackrabbits or kangaroos.

I’m sure the Olympics this year will be huge
With goats on the snowboards and lemurs on luge!
And won’t it be fun to watch elephants race
On bobsleighs downhill at a neck-breaking pace?

I simply can’t wait to watch speed-skating mice
Careening like crazy out there on the ice,
And octopi with a profusion of skates
Who execute Axels and real figure eights.

The snakes will be curling, but not as you’d think;
They’ll do it with stones on an ice-covered rink.
The falcons will slalom on specially-made skis,
And frogs will do freestyle. I hope they don’t freeze!

The sparrows will sprint and the hawks will play hockey
And people will cheer them from here to Milwaukee
And lavish the winners with medals and ribbons;
The geese, the gorillas, the geckos, and gibbons.

The ducks and the dolphins, the donkeys and dogs,
The hamsters and hippos and horses and hogs.
They’ll all be competing to show who’s the best
And leave all the spectators awed and impressed.

It’s just so exciting! I can’t wait to go
To see all these creatures compete in the snow.
But, still, I sure hope when the games are all through
The animals all go back home to the zoo.