Santa Brought a Bar of Soap

A Funny Christmas Poem for Kids

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From the book My Cat Knows Karate

Santa brought a bar of soap.
I asked him for a phone, but nope.
I didn’t get that brand new phone.
Just soap, and fancy French cologne.
He also brought some new shampoo,
some shower gel, and toothpaste too,
a scented candle for my room,
a dozen bottles of perfume,
deodorant and body spray…
I wonder what he’s trying to say?

 — Kenn Nesbitt

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Reading Level: Grade 3

Topics: Christmas, Holiday Poems, Seasonal Poems

Poetic Techniques: List Poems


About This Poem

A couple of years ago, when my son became a teenager, his younger sister gave him a stick of "Old Spice" deodorant for his birthday. I'm not sure if she thought it would be funny, or if she was trying to tell him that he didn't smell very good.

I thought it would be funny to turn this idea into a Christmas poem where Santa delivers a bunch of gifts, all designed to make the recipient smell better.

What do you think? Is Santa trying to tell this kid something, or does he just think that soap, shampoo, and perfume would make nice Christmas gifts?

From the Book My Cat Knows Karate

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