publication: The Armpit of Doom

Poems from The Armpit of Doom.

Our Family Picnic
The Man from Timbuktu by Kenn Nesbitt
The Man From Timbuktu
My Grandpa
I’ll Never
It's Fun to Leave the Spaces Out by Kenn Nesbitt
The Bagel Bird
When Daniel Went Dancing
To Learn to Juggle Prickly Pears
I Made a Hat
My Mother Was a Hippie by Kenn Nesbitt
My Mother Was a Hippie
I Tried to Catch a Snowflake
Broccoli for Breakfast
Nimrod Nero, Superhero
Octoproblem by Kenn Nesbitt
I Grew a Foot this Summer by Kenn Nesbitt
I Grew a Foot this Summer
Auntie Gravity
The Tall Tale of Shorty Small
Belinda Brooks
Bad Bertie Bartigan
Gilman Glumby Kenn Nesbitt
Gilman Glum