Nimrod Nero, Superhero

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Nimrod Nero by Kenn Nesbitt

Nimrod Nero, superhero,
never saves the day.
He doesn’t fly.
He’s known to cry.
He always runs away.

He doesn’t have a cape and tights.
He doesn’t own a mask.
He has no cool
belt or tool
to help with any task.

He isn’t strong or fearless,
or impervious to pain.
He’s slower than
a speeding bullet,
weaker than a train.

He couldn’t leap a Barbie Playhouse
in a single bound.
He’ll stay inside
his room and hide
when bad guys are around.

He doesn’t laugh at danger
and he never battles crime.
He’s only known
to sob and moan
and whimper all the time.

The world is so much safer now,
I think it’s fair to say,
since Nimrod Nero,
never saves the day.