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New Book: I’m Growing a Truck in the Garden

I'm Growing a Truck in the GardenI’m pleased to announce that my newest book, I’m Growing a Truck in the Garden is now available for pre-order on Amazon.com. Written especially for young readers in the UK, this collection of weird and wonderful poems, with fun and quirky illustrations by Sophie Burrows, follows one boy through his day as he plays with his friends and creates havoc along the way.

Pre-order your copy now and be the first to receive it when it arrives on September 3!

An Interview with Janet Wong


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Children's Author Janet Wong

Children’s Author Janet Wong

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with children’s author and poet Janet Wong about her writing, her books, and her current projects, including her new eBook project with Sylvia Vardell, the Poetry Tag Time series. The third book in the series, Gift Tag, is out just in time for the holidays, and is already one of the best-selling children’s poetry eBooks on Amazon.com.


How to Take Over the World, Step 9 – Defeating Secret Agents

Once you start trying to take over the world, you are going to find lots of government spies and secret agents trying to infiltrate your fortress and disable your doomsday devices. Step 9 of The Ultimate Top Secret Guide to Taking Over the World will teach you how to handily dispatch the forces of good so you can laugh maniacally and then go about your business of planning to conquer the planet.