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My Puppy Plays Piano


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My puppy plays piano.
It’s the strangest thing to see.
It seems, while I was practicing,
he learned by watching me.

He started out on chopsticks,
then he learned to play some Bach.
It wasn’t long before he knew
the blues and classic rock.

He also taught my kitten how
so they could play duets,
and then they taught guitar and drums
to all my other pets.

They formed a band and practiced hard
and traveled all around,
and instantly got famous
for their catchy “Pet Rock” sound.

They made a smash hit record
and it wasn’t very long
before my pets were millionaires
because they wrote this song.

–Kenn Nesbitt

My Turtle is the Sporting Sort

This terrific video was created by a fan, an English teacher in Spain, rapping my poem “My Turtle is the Sporting Sort” to Chris Brown’s song “Look at Me Now.” How fun!

If you’ve created a video of one of my poems, please do let me know about it. I’d love to see it and I might even post it here on the website.