The Elephant Repairman

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The Elephant Repairman by Kenn Nesbitt

If your elephant is broken
and she needs a quick repair,
call the elephant repairman
and he’ll instantly be there.

If her trunk can’t play the trumpet
or her toes can’t tap a beat,
then the elephant repairman will
inspect her nose and feet.

If her tail won’t hold a kite string,
if her ears won’t make her fly,
then the elephant repairman
will explain the reason why.

When he figures out the problem
then he’ll start on the repair
with his elephant repair kit,
which he carries everywhere.

And it’s guaranteed your elephant
will soon be good as new
since repairing broken elephants
is what he likes to do.

But he cannot fix your dinosaur,
your dragon, or your duck.
So, if one of them is broken,
I’m afraid you’re out of luck.