I Fix My Duck with Duct Tape

A Funny Animal Poem for Kids

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From the book My Cat Knows Karate

I fix my duck with duct tape
when she breaks. That’s what I do.
If my gorilla has a crack
I use Gorilla Glue.

My monkey needs a monkey wrench
just every now and then.
And chicken wire is what I use
to mend my broken hen.

For snails, I use nails,
and, for penguins, I use pins.
For fish, I’m fond of fish paste
for fixing fractured fins.

So bring your broken beasts;
I’ll give them tender loving care,
and make them good as new at my
stuffed animal repair.

 — Kenn Nesbitt

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Reading Level: Grade 3

Topics: Animal Poems

Poetic Techniques: Pun Poems


About This Poem

When my son was very little, he brought me a CD that had a video game he wanted to play, but the CD was all scratched up. I said that it was broken, and he asked me to fix it. I told him it couldn’t be fixed, but he said, “What if we use tape?” Well, unfortunately, you can’t fix everything with tape, but what if you could?

I’ve heard it said that duct tape is useful for fixing everything except ducts. But what about ducks? Could you fix a broken duck with duct tape? Maybe if it were a toy duck. If your rubber ducky sprung a leak, duct tape might be just what you need.

And if duct tape could be used to fix broken ducks, could Gorilla Glue be used to fix gorillas, or chicken wire used to fix chickens? I love exploring ideas like this.

From the Book My Cat Knows Karate

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