Extreme Dream

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Extreme Dream by Kenn Nesbitt

Have you ever had that dream where you
were sure you were awake,
and it seemed so realistic it
could not be a mistake?

In that dream, you read a poem
and you thought that it was fun.
Then the poem made you laugh, and so
you read another one.

There was one about a bunch of games,
and one about a frog.
There was even one you read about
a disco-dancing dog.

There were some about technology,
and some about your teachers,
plus a few about some aliens
and other creepy creatures.

There were several that seemed normal,
though a few were quite extreme,
and a bunch were just bizarre,
and several made you want to scream.

And that dream seemed never-ending
as you slumbered long and deep,
but it all looked so authentic
you were sure you weren’t asleep.

Well, there’s something I should tell you,
and I’m really not sure how.
So, I guess I’ll put it this way…
That’s the dream you’re having now.