Poems by Length and Poetic Technique

Occasionally, I get an email from someone who needs longer poems or shorter poems. They may be looking for something two or three minutes long to recite in a poetry festival. Or they may want poems that are easy to memorize.

And sometimes I get requests from teachers for poems that provide examples of a given poetic technique. It might be alliteration, metaphor, repetition, or some other device.

To make it easier for you to find the types of poems you are looking for, I have added new pages to the menu: Poems by Length and Poems by Poetic Technique.

Poems by Length

The Poems by Length page lets you find poems that are short (2-12 lines), medium (13-31 lines), or long (32 lines or more).

Poems by Poetic Technique

The Poems by Poetic Technique page organizes poems into 20 different categories. If you need poems with personification or hyperbole, you will find them there. Looking for descriptive, lyric, narrative, or nonsense poems? I’ve got you covered. You’ll find examples of onomatopoeia, personification, interesting rhyme schemes, and lots more.

A Work in Progress

With more than 700 poems on this website, it will take a while to assign categories and lengths to all of my poems. So don’t be surprised if your favorite poem of mine isn’t yet in the place it belongs. I have organized about 200 poems so far, and will be working on the rest over the coming weeks.

Nevertheless, I hope you find these new features helpful. I hope you not only enjoy reading my poems, but also sharing them with your friends and family. If you are a teacher, feel free to share them with your students and use them to teach poetry in your classroom.