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An Early Christmas Present for Poetry4kids Readers

This year, as my holiday gift to you, I have made a change to the website that I think you are going to like. Not only have I doubled the number of poems on the Poems page — giving you now over 100 funny poems for kids — but I have also brought back all of the most popular poems ever.

If you haven’t visited the Poems page of Poetry4kids.com lately, drop by to discover some old favorites, including My Teacher Took My iPod, My Puppy Punched Me in the Eye, All My Great Excuses, and many, many more.

Click here to visit the Poetry4kids.com Poems Page:

Happy Holidays!

New Construction at Poetry4kids.com

Poetry4kids.com is currently undergoing a little bit of new construction. For now the changes will only affect a few pages on the website, such as the News and Videos, so you shouldn’t notice anything at all. But, if you do come across anything quirky, rest assured that I’m working to get everything squared away as quickly as possible.

The reason I am upgrading the website is that these new changes will make it easier for me to maintain poetry4kids.com so I can spend more time creating new poems, videos, lessons, and other resources for you to enjoy.

If you happen to notice any broken links or anything that doesn’t appear to be working right, please feel free to drop me a line so I can be sure it gets fixed right away.