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The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about my school author visit programs. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact me.

School Visit Questions

Yes, however I don’t usually recommend it unless your school has only primary or only intermediate grade levels.

I find it’s best to provide separate assemblies for primary and intermediate students. The writing lesson I do with primary grades is simpler than what I do with older kids. In a K-5 or K-6 school, I can do an all-school assembly, but I have to leave out the writing portion of the program and focus more on the performance and the Q&A.

Payment is not due until after my visit. I do not need a deposit.

I can do up to five programs during a single school day. I can also schedule programs over multiple days.

My fee for online author visits is $300 for a single program or $250 apiece for two or more programs. I no longer visit schools in-person. Click here for more information about my online author visits.

Sharing my poems with your students is one of the best ways to get them excited about my upcoming visit. You are welcome to use the poems from my books and website in your classroom activities. You may photocopy them, enlarge them, illustrate them, or do just about anything you like with them to help prepare for my visit.

I speak to groups of any age, from preschool through adult. Most of my presentations are in elementary schools, but I regularly visit middle, high schools and even colleges as well.

In online assemblies, I can work with groups of any size. The only constraints are your available space and equipment. I can also work with multiple classrooms simultaneously if you prefer to keep students in their classes rather than gathering them in the library or gym.

When working with elementary students, I prefer to present to primary students separately from intermediate students so that my program can be tailored to the age of the children.

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