When Harry Had a Haircut

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When Harry had a haircut,
he thrashed about the chair
to try to keep the barber
from removing any hair.

He kicked in agitation.
He bellyached and bawled.
He screeched and squawked and squabbled
and he cried and caterwauled.

He whined and wailed and whimpered,
He sniveled and complained.
He groused and griped and grumbled,
as he struggled and he strained.

His mother had to hold him.
The barber said a prayer,
then swiftly snipped and scissored
as he trimmed up Harry’s hair.

The barber finished cutting.
He put his comb away
then got his little mirror out
to hear what Harry’d say.

When Harry saw the mirror,
he gave a little huff,
and said the thing he always says:
“You didn’t cut enough!”