We’re Skydiving Elephants

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We’re skydiving elephants, bulging and bold.
We’re dazzling and daring; a sight to behold.
We leap from our airplane at dizzying heights,
to soar through the sky on spectacular flights.

Our airborne maneuvers are one-of-a-kind.
We spin in the air with our trunks intertwined.
We tuck and we tumble, we twist and we twirl.
We somersault freely, we wiggle and whirl.

We flip and we flutter while turning our tails,
unfurling our ears like magnificent sails.
We swivel and swim in a synchronized crawl
or swan-dive in spirals as earthward we fall.

The onlookers gawk in an awestricken trance
to witness our wonderful aerial dance.
They clap at our kicks and rejoice at our rolls,
and shriek as our landings leave walloping holes.